Mr Stephen Loft-Simson in a chairman's livery

Until his untimely death in 2022 Stephen Loft-Simson specialised in research into European Sedan Chairs.

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Appearances in Britain’s Most Historic Towns

Professor Alice Roberts and a colleague carry a chair in Edinburgh for the programmeStephen Loft-Simson has so far provided Sedan Chairs for two editions of Britain’s Most Historic Towns. The first was used in a programme about Cheltenham in series 1 (see below) and the second in a series 3 programme about Edinburgh, first broadcast on Channel Four on Saturday 12th December 2020. Here we see the programme’s presenter, Professor Alice Roberts as the front bearer. The chair was on-screen for over two minutes of the broadcast programme.

Sedan chairs used in award-winning Film

Film posterIn an exciting collaboration with Redcliffe Films, Stephen Loft-Simson has provided three sedan chairs to be used in a production about the life of philanthropist, poet and playwright Hannah More (1745-1833).

Close-up showing Hannah More in a sedan chairHere we see one of the chairs in action in a still from the film.

Hannah’s life was varied and rich and she met many of the worthies of her age, from Wordsworth and Coleridge to Wilberforce and Gladstone. She was a friend of actor David Garrick until his death and her plays were performed in Bristol and Bath as well as Drury Lane in London. She also opened schools and wrote about women's education, among other social and political subjects.

DiplomaThe film was awarded a diploma at the White Nights Film Festival 2020 in St Petersburg.

Lucy Worsley being carried in Westminster ChairBBC Four’s Royal History’s Biggest Fibs

Mr Loft-Simson (seen here as the lead chairman) also provided a Westminster Gala Sedan Chair for an episode of Royal History’s Biggest Fibs on Queen Anne and the Union broadcast on 3rd March 2020.

Alice Roberts sitting in the Westminster Gala chairGala chair makes “Most Historic” appearance

Once again, a Loft-Simson-provided chair has been used in a production shown on Channel 4. The Westminster ‘Gala’ or ornamental sedan chair was loaned for use in an episode of Britain‘s Most Historic Towns about Regency Cheltenham broadcast on Saturday 5th May 2018 at 8 pm. The chair can also be seen in the title sequence of other episodes of the six-part series.

Judging by the picture, the programme’s presenter, Professor Alice Roberts, seems to have enjoyed the opportunity to view the world from this opulent and prestigious conveyance.

Antiques Roadshow in Bath

Stephen Loft-SimsonStephen Loft-Simson, shown here in a typical chairman’s livery, assisted the BBC in the making of an introduction for the long-running flagship programme, The Antiques Roadshow, by carrying presenter Fiona Bruce through the streets of Bath to the Upper Assembly Rooms, where the programme was filmed.

Entering the ColonnadeViewers saw Mr Loft-Simson as the front chairman leave Nº 1 The Royal Crescent and dash past many of the city’s sights as he and a member of the BBC crew conveyed Ms Bruce to the venue in true eighteenth century style. The programme, which was broadcast on BBC1 on Sunday 31st January 2010, and was repeated on Sunday 22nd February also featured one of Mr Loft-Simson’s antique sedan chairs which he provided for the occasion (probably the oldest means of transport still in occasional use in Britain).Another shot of the chair in actionSir has arrived

The two chairs outside the hotelThe chair was in action in Bath again on the eve of the programme’s transmission, when it and another were used to carry a bride and bridegroom from their reception at the Bath Priory Hotel.

David Dimbleby riding in the speaker's sedan chair in BathMr Loft-Simson has also provided consultancy and loaned a sedan chair for the BBC series How we Built Britain presented by David Dimbleby. Sir Tony Robinson (front) carries the speaker's chair though Oxford He has also appeared with Sir Tony Robinson as part of Channel 4’s first series Worst Jobs in History.