Mr Stephen Loft-Simson in a chairman's livery

Until his untimely death in 2022 Stephen Loft-Simson specialised in research into European Sedan Chairs.

All enquiries to Catherine Din: +44 (0)117 9511906 .

Sedan Chair for sale

A very rare Chinese Bridal chair (possibly Hong Kong) c. 1895 to 1905

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Front Right cornerLeft viewInscription on left doorInscription on right doorInteriorDismantled for transportThe four sides ready for assembly

In six parts consisting of: a base platform, three sides, fourth side with paired doors and a Pagoda shaped roof (missing central wooden finial). Side panels multi-carved with Chinese historic emblems, figures, animals and birds in gold on a red ochre background and a black frame with iron corners. Chinese characters to the inside of the doors including the name of the two owners (bearers).

Dimensions: tall 57 inches (145 cms), deep 42 inches (107 cms), broad 35 inches (89 cms)

Condition: largely as it was last used, with some losses to paintwork and touching in of back panels and holes in the rattan roof.

Price: £2,750. A fairly unique piece of Chinese history and more interesting carving than to be found on several more recent Chinese bridal chairs. A chair which can be assembled, having first been transported on a cart to the next wedding venue, pre-dating the Swede’s interest in flat pack furniture!

All enquiries to Catherine Din: +44 (0)117 9511906 .

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